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What is a DJ?

The hardware of the disk jockey has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Analog turntables fueled by crates of records have gradually given way to midi controllers and laptops. While a few DJs have stalwartly refused to abandon the tools and traditions of the past, many others have embraced the versatility and accessibility of… Read more »

When Looking for Music to Dance to

Approaching the day of your wedding is a happy time, but there certainly are a lot of things to decide upon before walking down the aisle. Maybe you’ve already picked the color scheme, scheduled the caterer and sent out the invitations. There are dozens of other little details that are important but easy to overlook…. Read more »

Top 10 Questions for Photo Booth Package

Top 10 Questions you Should Ask before Selecting a Photo Booth: What do I get in your 5 hour package? Do you have props? Yes, and the variety is ever changing as we replenish weekly. About how many guests per hour/Pictures per hour do you normally see at an average event? Max is 40 groups… Read more »