Kanye West, Kazakhstan and Your Wedding

If you had the money, would you pay a musician $3 million to play at your wedding? You probably just had a mild heart attack and with good reason; that is a hefty sum to pay for one performer, no matter who he or she is. I mean, we all have bills to pay ““ student loans, mortgage, rent, credit cards etc. ““ so for most of us, $3 million is a ludicrous amount. That, however, didn’t stop Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

He paid hip-hop superstar Kanye West $3 million to appear at his grandson’s wedding. He performed a number of songs including “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” While the grandson was overjoyed, Kanye is facing international criticism for appearing at the wedding. Kazakhstan has a history of human rights abuse. Clearly, that didn’t come up in conversation between Kanye and the Kazakhstani President.

If you’re a fan of Kanye West and his music, but can’t afford his $3 million price tag, you can still enjoy the sweet sounds of Yeezus at your wedding at a much, much lower fee; you just have to coordinate with your DJ. The relationship between you and your wedding DJ should be an organic collaboration, a back and forth, where the two of you come up with the song list of you and your partner’s wildest fantasies. Nothing is stopping you from having a song list featuring Sinatra, ABBA and Kanye. Remember, this is your special day. If a song doesn’t please your ears, it shouldn’t be played at your wedding.

This is what makes a DJ so important to a wedding’s success, especially the DJs at A Special Event DJ. While a DJ can come up with a song list, it’s important you help him or her PLAN that song list. Wedding music is like wet clay; you’re the potter, so shape it! If you want it to look like Kanye West, it will look like Kanye West! If you’re in the Iowa or Illinois area and looking for a wedding entertainment, give us a call! We can guarantee you our price tag isn’t $3 million!

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/sep/02/kanye-west-gig-kazakhstan


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