A Special Event DJ and Photo Booth offer exquisite LED Up Lighting. Our Up Lighting systems are second to none. Our RGB (Red, Green, Blue) controllers allow you to control the color, brightness and can even change colors throughout the night. Our Up Lights use LED technology so they do not put off unwanted heat and cause a fire hazard. Using Up Lights at many of the venues in Des Moines Iowa is a great way to enhance your guests experience. 8 LED Lighting Package only $200


LED Up Lighting is just one of the unique services we offer. Up lights really set the mood and provide an ambiance that will lift your even to a truly special place. Consider Up Lights Rentals for your Des Moines Wedding.

NEW, every one of our DJ systems will have Up Lights and Covered Speakers. The lights can be adjusted to match your wedding colors and bring more ambiance to your wedding reception. Our $200 package includes 8 LED Up Lights. Combine two Up Light packages and get 16 Up Lights. Check out our Facebook Page for some examples.



Monogram Projection Lighting adds a personalized touch to your reception by putting your names and date in lights. We custom design this for you using what you may have in place for a wedding monogram/logo or we can build one for you. Priced at $200 this is a great way to put a customized touch on your reception!