3D LED Dance Floor

ASE DJ presents a 3D LED Dance Floor for your next event

The panels are a mix of 3D Infinity panels and Solid LED Panels for a unique and beautiful presentation.


Bring your party to life with cool light shows right beneath your feet. Our LED dance shows comes with multiple presets that will make everyone want to dance to the beat. It is really a must-have if you intend to make your party a blast. It is ideal for parties, weddings, fashion shows, night clubs, and more.


This one of a kind light stage is made up of 144 individual LED tiles. You can customize the LED dance floor to fit the size of your venue, allowing you to host as many people as your space can allow.

We’ve been DJing Events in the Midwest for nearly 20 years, we’ve seen lots of Trends come and go……this one is here to stay.

The Clear vibrant colors and changing patterns will have all or your guests out on the floor dancing the Night Away.


  • $3000 – 20’ by 20’ Dance Floor. Includes Set Up and Tear down
  • $2000 – 10’ by 10’ Dance Floor. Includes, Set Up and Tear Down
  • $500 – Onsight Technician to Change The Floor Settings Throughout the Evening
  • $1.00 – Per Mile Fee for any travel beyond 25 Miles of Des Moines
  • 25% Deposit required to Lock the date in.
  • Must have access to 20 amp power outlet within 50 feet of floor.
  • Must be a solid, dry, flat area to set up.
  • If set up outside, must be placed on an equivalent-size plywood or concrete floor.
  • If Set Up Outside, No rain can be in the forecast for 24 Hours unless 100% secure from precipitation.
  • Fashion Show: Can Create a 40’ by 40” Runway. Call for Pricing.