Top 5 Wedding Decor Trends for 2015 – How to use lighting for a greater impact.

When planning an event, many people look to the advice of Mindy Weiss, a full-service wedding planner who has built a successful wedding brand and contributed to many books, events, product lines, and wedding specials. Also known for working with many celebrities and as “The wedding planner extraordinaire”, she predicts 5 of 2015’s wedding décor trends as:

(Source: 5 hottest wedding trends for 2015)



This beautiful Asian inspired porcelain painting style lends itself to all types of décor, including wedding décor. Translating easily to fabric, stationary, and wardrobe this trend is sophisticated and worldly.





Whether using the classic blue and white, or engaging more modern color palettes such as gold and black, red and gold, or subtle cream and gold this trend is sure to make a big impact in your wedding theme and vision.



Using bold colored up lighting to accent the color palette you are working with will add drama and draw the eye towards this beautiful pattern throughout the room

Color Blocking

Don’t be afraid to use bold and bright colors if this fits your personality. With a turn to deep, jewel toned hues in fashion and décor trends this is a fresh way to put a modern stamp on your event.

The use of up lighting in jewel tones, or in soft candle light will accent this style and help make your design cohesive.

Classic Romance & Lace

Lace isn’t just for the dress these days! Dropping touches of this beautiful and versatile fabric all over your event, pairing with soft florals and up lighting translates to traditional glamour.

With LED technology, up lighting can be set to an array of different romantic colors from soft pinks and blues to soft whites & ambers.

 Watercolor Ombre 

A great tip when choosing this style, is to stick to one color palette, using all colors from the deepest hues to the lightest. This simple way of theming your décor is a great way to bring lots of color into your design. Up lighting can also be set to mirror your ombre color palette by dialing in different shades of your chosen color. Whether opting for a big effect and highlighting this tool by grouping lights together or spreading across the room and spotlighting different areas of interest, lighting can give you a big effect at a very cost effective price point.


Green Living Wall


Bringing the outside in, is a trend that is here to stay. Creating a living wall, using beautiful greenery in centerpieces & bouquets as a focus instead of an accent, and keeping décor fresh and simple are a few ways to theme your event in nature.





In this type of design, keeping your lighting soft and simple will help to draw attention to the beauty of nature, or you can add drama with bold colorful lighting accents. Either option helps to showcase this inspired décor choice.









In weddings these days, there are no “hard & fast rules”, which makes it easy to design your wedding to reflect you as a couple. Remember to enjoy the process, develop a game plan (& stick to it), and try not to “sweat the small stuff”.

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Shad Morris

A friend of mine is getting ready to plan her wedding, but wasn’t sure what she was going to do about lighting. It’s interesting that you say to pick a color palette and use colors from that! It would be nice to see that everything is fitting together.


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