It takes more than music to make a good DJ; and it takes more than a town to make good local business. When Tim and Missi moved to Indianola, Iowa — a long time love of music began to emerge in a fateful way. Tim started collecting sound equipment and instruments, and since Missi enjoys an organized house and plans for future home improvement goals; she encouraged Tim to make his equipment and newfound passion a meaningful addition to their assets and life. Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and the creative collaboration gave birth to a business in the music and entertainment industry.

As time flew by, Missi landed herself as Event Planner and Marketing Manager for their growing company. Her knack for organization, eye for detail and design helped channel ASE’s swelling energy to sky rocket growth in the Wedding Industry. In the Spring of 2012, Missi quit her job as a nurse at an elementary school and went full time in the DJ business. At this point, Tim and Missi added quite a few more team members and were up to multiple DJ rigs, Photobooths, and more up-lighting for each Saturday of events.

Now, A Special Event has a fleet of DJ’s, Photobooth Attendants, and Runners for each day of events. Their headquarters moved from the Bryan’s dining room, to a shop on the square in Indianola where all equipment is stored. This is also where they office from, and excitement has begun to bubble about their new space, and where it will take them in the industry.

Not only do Tim and Missi passionately love where they work, they truly believe in local business and helping others out. Each year they give their time to help produce Camp Jubilee. Camp Jubilee is a camp in the summer for one week out of the year where Special Needs Persons come to have a great summer camp experience. Ran on donations and volunteers, it is a true example of the spirit of giving back to others. Missi is known as Camp Nurse where she continues to help people from a medical perspective like she planned to do as a young adult. Tim is known as the “Music Mania” man and is in charge of all things music and sound at camp. Their eldest daughter, Amara is the director of the camp, and their other two children, Nick and Savannah are senior counselors. It’s a tradition that many of their ASE team members take part in each year, too.

A Special Event is a growing business, based in family values, that is excited to take part of people’s weddings and events and make them “the best day ever”. Tim and Missi are proud to also announce they are expanding with the help of Business Partners, Evan and Amanda Hoapili out west to the Omaha, Nebraska area.

In the event entertainment industry, technology and trends shift and change all the time. Tim and Missi take pride in their ability to adapt new situations and challenges. Their love of weddings and events; their passion to be industry leaders; and their commitment to bring the best in technology and service to weddings and events set the tone for their business and team. They look forward to helping their clients with their great events for many years to come.


A Special Event uses only professional grade sound equipment. The equipment is reliable and capable of providing outstanding quality of sound for both music and voice. Our Microphones can be used for the toasts/speeches and any other MC’ing that needs to be done. Our systems have built in redundancy so the music never quits at your event.

Music Selection

With thousands of song titles A Special Event is able to supply nearly any type of music for your event. Some of music includes..50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90′, Dance, Rock, Country, Top 40, Alternate, and Modern Rock.

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