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Top 5 Wedding Decor Trends for 2015 – How to use lighting for a greater impact.

When planning an event, many people look to the advice of Mindy Weiss, a full-service wedding planner who has built a successful wedding brand and contributed to many books, events, product lines, and wedding specials. Also known for working with many celebrities and as “The wedding planner extraordinaire”, she predicts 5 of 2015’s wedding décor trends as:… Read more »

How to Make Your Wedding Viral

Our last post listed our top picks for hot first dance songs this wedding season. However, what you do with the song of your choice is nearly as important as the song itself. We’re seeing more and more elaborately choreographed first dances – often including bridal parties – go viral. And it’s a beautiful, silly… Read more »

Good Event Lighting is a Must

The worst thing to feel as an event planner is any sense of disappointment over your choice in venue. Just the fact that you’ve booked a location capable of holding your guests is a pretty good accomplishment. However, some people get discouraged once they drop down to their third or fourth choice. We’ve discussed how… Read more »

Have Fun in a Wedding Photo Booth!

Weddings are beautiful, solemn, silly, emotional and joyful events. The planning process doesn’t always mirror that. There’s so much to take care of and so many options for not only the appearance of the event, but also what your guests are going to eat, drink, and actually do at the reception that planning a wedding… Read more »

Enhance Your Wedding Reception With Customized Up Lighting

Brides constantly look for ways to enhance their wedding reception.  One of the newest trends to hit the reception areas includes adding up lighting to create a unique ambiance. Up lighting maximizes your decoration dollars and helps you create a memorable event. LED up lighting is vivid, customizable and creates a perfect, “look and feel”…. Read more »

The Perks of Hiring a Wedding DJ vs. a Live Band

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, yet hectic times of a couple’s relationship. Creating the guest list, sending out invitations, and choosing the perfect wedding attire, are just a few of the decisions that must be made; and the music choice plays a major role in creating the type of atmosphere… Read more »