How to Make Your Wedding Viral

Our last post listed our top picks for hot first dance songs this wedding season. However, what you do with the song of your choice is nearly as important as the song itself. We’re seeing more and more elaborately choreographed first dances – often including bridal parties – go viral. And it’s a beautiful, silly trend that often pays homage to the preferences of the couple.

But, as with most things, the “why” is perhaps a more important consideration than the “what.” Whether you and your partner are going to take private dance lessons, ask your bridal party to join in, or just wing it, that decision should be determined by what message you’re trying to send to your friends and loved ones.

If you love Dirty Dancing, then go for a rendition of the final scene. If you and your friends and family have a Michael Jackson obsession, why not go all out and do your own rendition of Thriller?

While the trend is for elaborate group first dances, first dances started with formal balls. The emperor or king would announce the start of an event by taking the first dance. In lieu of nobility, the host/hostess would start the festivities instead. Eventually, the tradition evolved into a moment to highlight the newly wedded couple.

Make your first dance one to remember – whether traditional or jazzed up. Contact A Special Event DJ today: we’ll pick the music, and you can pick out the dancing shoes.


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This is one of my favorite wedding videos! It totally ushered in a new era of fun weddings!

-MyDJ Entertainment


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