Putting Together a Winter Wedding Mix

As the snow starts to fall, the thoughts of a glistening winter wedding with ice, falling snow and shades of blue and silver start to adorn wedding banquets and receptions.  A winter wedding can be a great experience, providing a warm or inviting gathering from the cold harsh realities of the weather outside. A winter wedding music mix from the DJ will add a complimentary feel to the wedding, but treading the line of cheesy or to “themey” is tough to do.

Mixing genres and styles is the key, but interspersing a nice winter themed song is a great way to get people in the right mood. You still want to have people up and dancing, so mixing in other songs keeps people warm and excited, but every once in a while you can slow it down and add to the wintery chill.

Here’s a couple songs we love during winter weddings.
Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone (Baby It’s Cold Outside):

It’s probably best known for it’s appearance in the holiday movie, “Elf” staring Will Farrell. It has a nice little tempo with a great-intertwined vocal duet. People of all ages love getting up and dancing with a special someone when this song comes on.

Zac Brown Band (Colder Weather):  It’s a popular hit for all of our country fans out there. It’s slow tempo and mixed in violin builds as a wonderful chance for couples and friends to get out on the dance floor for a nice slow song.

Depending on when your wedding falls, you can always mix in a popular Christmas song also.

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