Working as a Team at your Reception

Our approach at A Special Event DJ and Photo Booth is to work in unison with each of the vendors at your event. We know, as the person with the Microphone, guests, family members, and vendors look at the DJ as the “Conductor” for the evening. What does this mean to ASE DJ? It means we are in constant communication with vendors, guests and family members throughout the evening. For instance, we don’t go find the Officiant to bless the food before we check with the Caterer to make sure they are ready to serve. We don’t announce the cake cutting ceremony until we verify there is a knife available to cut the cake. We don’t announce the First Dance for the bride and groom prior to making sure the Photog and Video teams are ready for action. This helps everyone to relax and enjoy the moment  while we conduct the orchestra. How much do we charge for this service? We don’t, its included in the Wedding DJ package.  Last weekend here are some of the venues and partners we ran into:

Scottish Rite Venue, Des Moines

Noah’s Event Center, in Omaha

EastBank, Cedar Rapids

Rollins Mansion, Des Moines

The District Venue, Ankeny

The River Center, Des Moines

The World Food Prize, Des Moines

Whitney Warne, Photog

Red Acre Barn, Prole

Allison Knox, Photog

Red Door, Photog

South Slope Community Center

Amanda Larine Martin, Photo


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