Enhance Your Wedding Reception With Customized Up Lighting

Brides constantly look for ways to enhance their wedding reception.  One of the newest trends to hit the reception areas includes adding up lighting to create a unique ambiance. UpPaletine, IL DJ Services and Photo Booth Rental lighting maximizes your decoration dollars and helps you create a memorable event. LED up lighting is vivid, customizable and creates a perfect, “look and feel”.  They add drama, romance and even a special sparkle to your décor.

Depending on what type of wedding you have, what colors you like and what matches your wedding party, the up lighting can be custom created to give you an extra look all the guests will be sure to remember.

The reception hall or banquet area is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding.  It’s one of the first things people notice.  The look of the area, the lighting, the unique décor that adorns the curtains, tables and dance floor make a huge impression.  Up lighting only enhances those areas.  It’s extremely versatile and amazing how many different looks and designs can be created.  The best part is, brides are open to taking the risk and trying something new and different.

Brides are more willing to invest in ambiance. Our vivid Up Lights are adjustable to match the colors of your wedding and will enhance the ambiance of your night. We already use LED up lighting to light up our DJ system.  You can take advantage of the same look at your next wedding.  We’ll work with you to pick the right colors and create the perfect ambiance.

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