Successful Party Planning Tips

For our first blog we thought we would share with you some of the tips we have picked up over the years for Planning a Successful Party. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you would love to read about in our next blog!

1) Hire A Special Event DJ & Photo Booth company

2) Don’t Forget:  Your guests will do what you do!  If the Bride & Groom (or Party Organizers) are on the dance floor having fun – that is where your guests will be!

3) Don’t set your elderly guests right by the DJ’s table or speakers.  They will have a much more enjoyable time conversing with others at their table a little removed from the center of the action.

4) Don’t over-analyze your timeline for the evening!  Trying to plan the order of events down to the minute is likely to be an exercise in frustration!  Work with your Entertainment Company to build a timeline of events and then on the day of your event – relax and let your DJ facilitate your Event.  He has years of experience, and will keep your night flowing seamlessly.  To many details can “bog down” your evening and put your guests to sleep!

5) Place your DJ near the Dance Floor – not in some “out of the way” corner!  He will need to have a good view of the room, and the dance floor to keep your guests engaged and they will naturally look to him as the Emcee of the evening.

6) The Golden Triangle:  When working on the venue “lay out” remember this simple rule.  The Dance Floor, Bar(s) and Photo Booth all need to be in the main reception hall.  Your guests will naturally gravitate to these areas – that is where the fun is!  When the Bar(s) or Photo Booth (or dreadfully both!) are located outside of the main reception hall (in the foyer/hallway) your guests will be MIA on the Dance Floor.

7) Let your DJ work with the Venue Coordinator to expertly light your dance floor.  If the area is too bright,  your guests will shy away.  If the area is too dark, your guests will be hesitant to join.  A dimly lit dance floor is romantic and draws people in!

8) Don’t “Micro-Manage” your music lists!  A Special Event DJ wants all of our Brides to build a “must play” and “do not play” list – it helps us “dial in” on what kind of music you will dance to.  Keep in mind that your guests will dance to what they know.  After hundreds of events we can definitively tell you this: Just because you really enjoy obscure 90’s grunge rock, it is not likely that your guests will.

9) Don’t underestimate the importance of your Entertainment Vendors!  We cannot stress this point enough!  We have heard hundreds of “horror stories” from people who didn’t place enough emphasis on this when planning their Event,  with disasterous consequences.  Your DJ can make or break your event.  Choose a Professional Company and be prepared to pay a little more for Professional Services.  Would you choose your Caterer or Cake Vendor based on price alone?

10) Work with your DJ about 3-4 weeks out on your timeline and song choices. Get a working agenda in place early – adjustments are easy to make along they way.  Waiting until the week prior to your wedding only adds stress to your already busy schedule and increases the chance that an important detail might get missed.  Plan Proactively not Reactively!


Ridley Fitzgerald

I like how your first tip is to hire a good DJ. The music at a party is so important that I agree with that tip. Food and music are the two most important things at any party, so this is great!

Sabrina Addams

You made a great point about placing the DJ in close proximity to the dance floor so that he or she can get a good feel of how everyone is feeling and engage with them. My niece is getting married in the spring and is looking to hire a DJ for her dream dance party at her reception. When it gets closer, I will be sure to remember to recommend having the DJ in a good spot so that it can all go nicely.


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