Renting a Photo Booth for Corporate Events

Photo booths are almost synonymous with weddings these days.  They’ve become one of the more popular forms of entertainment at receptions along with the music and dancing.  As their popularity has grown, the uses and events they get rented out to have grown as well. Photo Booths have been around for a long time. Advances in technology and the instant ability to share information, more specifically pictures, on social media has led to a higher demand for photo booths.  They’re a perfect way to entertain guests and create special, fun memories at the same time.

We’ve paraded our photo booth around to a variety of events.  Birthday parties, sporting events, elementary, middle and high school events & functions, and of course weddings have all called upon our services and our photo booth.  We also have worked with several charities on fundraising. One of the areas where there’s been an increase in rentals is corporate gatherings.  We stumbled across this article in Dallas, Texas describing the increase in demand and popularity at corporate gatherings and events.

“It’s easy to see why corporate event planners have taken to photo booths with such fervor. Allowing employees, management, even entire departments to take a turn in a photo booth adds to the company’s chemistry. Having pictures to show around the office, share on the company Facebook page or post on their blog is a wonderful way of expressing a company’s personality and sense of fun.”

People always walk out of the booth with a smile on their face, having a great time.  The booth can boost morale and create a positive experience for employees and management.  Our booth is 5 feet by 5 feet and can accommodate up to 10 people.  Our booth is elegant and will professionally fit into any business environment.  We’ll also include an attendant to assist with any questions you may have or assistance you may need.

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Alexa Wong

Indeed, having a photo booth is a great way to entertain your guests. That is why whenever I arrange an event, I make sure that there is a photo booth installed.


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